The joy of reading and writing superman and me summary

the joy of reading and writing superman and me summary

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I knew the inventory of the stores around me, how many bags of cashews that store had, etc. So every time i felt bad, i would try to soothe my pain by binging on these foods. And if a store was about to close, i had no problem running traffic lights and racing to catch it before it closes. I tried everything I could to stop, from having others hold me accountable and declare that I would be a pussy if I went back, to throwing the food away and keeping it out of the house, to trying to go on 100-day challenges, and. A dark moment always appeared and triggered me to do it again. After I started my first heavy metal detox, i just stopped, once and for all, and never went back. From the day i started, til this day, i have never binged nor felt a desire or urge to eat anything that I was previously addicted. It was like these foods were deleted from my memory, and I no longer had any response to them at all.

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According to this study here, titled The effects of environmental neurotoxicants on the beautiful dopaminergic system: A possible role in drug addiction, heavy metals and other toxins like bpa from plastic can make the brain more vulnerable to drug addiction. Even things like constantly fiddling around, being distracted, constantly checking email, restlessness, restless legs, etc. Have an addictive nature to them and are also a result of a messed up dopaminergic system. And even when an addiction is supposedly treated, the person will very often still have the seed of that addiction lying dormant deep within them, simply waiting to be reborn again. Thats why addictions can be extremely hard to be overcome, and why we keep going back to doing the same shit that fucks us up, even though we know it is bad for. Because the cause of our addiction is still there. To truly overcome an addiction, you need to start with the brain. Take out the trash thats most likely contributing to the addiction first, and then do other things to help overcome your addiction. Before i did a detox, i had a problem with binge eating and a serious addiction to sugar, even though high sugar used to be something that I couldnt tolerate at all. Fruits like figs, pomegranates, etc., and nuts like cashews, literally had a power over. I could eat inhumane amounts of that stuff the and spend ungodly amounts of money.

There was a more smooth flow from thought to keyboard, as if a block has been removed that kept me from writing. It took some willpower at first, but after a couple months of more detoxification, the process started to get much easier and streamlined to the point where i was able to write almost whenever I wanted, and thats when I started writing on this site. It was like a constant noise was constantly going on inside my head, and was then turned off, finally allowing space for creativity and new ideas, thoughts, and feelings to emerge and flow. 4- a cure for addictive behaviors. Addictive behaviors, such as certain eating disorders like binge eating, overeating and addictions to sugar, alcohol, smoking, chronic masturbation, sexual addictions, etc. All have their root in the brain, not the organ involved. A toxic and nutritionally deficient brain is far more prone parts to addictive behaviors. Heavy metals like mercury can royally screw up our dopaminergic system and make us more likely to engage in addictive behaviors and never be able to quit them.

the joy of reading and writing superman and me summary

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Of course, when I read that years ago, it just sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Now, it makes sense more than anything else. 3-, being more in the flow, having more creativity, and less writers/typers block. There was no way that I could write articles of this length before doing a detox. I always wanted to work on my writing, and knew exactly what I wanted to write, but whenever I would sit down and try to write, i would feel completely blocked. All the great ideas that I wanted to write about would evaporate away, and I would either give up and move on to doing something else, or spend an hour only to write a shitty paragraph. As I started to detox, slowly, over time, i started to notice that Im able to get in the flow of writing, and slowly i would write a couple of sentences that I considered to be actually good.

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the joy of reading and writing superman and me summary

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On some days I would wake up feeling so good and euphorically calm that I would literally cry for joy. To go from someone who was living in depression and misery and negativity for most of my life to experiencing something like this and starting to become a positive, grateful, optimistic person, was the most powerful, joyful, rewarding, and pleasurable experience i ever had. It is for these feelings of inner peace and calmness, i believe, that we seek religion, love, drugs, and money. We hope that these things will bring us peace and make up for something that we cant find within ourselves. But what I found is that, without our health and the right biological foundation, true happiness and joy at the deepest levels, are much harder to attain, if handwriting not possible at all. Nothing fucks us up spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, more than toxicity. 2-, stronger, sharper intuition.

This is also very hard to describe, but what I started to notice review after a few months of detox that my intuition became much stronger. I started to get a very strong feeling about things ahead of time, and I would sense whether something is right or not. I didnt want to trust it at first, because, if youre super excited about something, and all the data tell you that its a good move, yet your intuition tells you that you shouldnt do it, it can be a bummer. It is something bizarre, weird, and unscientific, but as I started to trust it more and more, i would find that is never wrong, and whenever I would ignore it, i would pay the price. It is only then that I truly understood what the godfather, lao tzu, meant when he said in the. Tao te ching : Open yourself to the tao then trust your natural responses and everything will fall into place.

I thought that something was inherently and fundamentally wrong with me, as if I was broken and flawed by nature of who i am, and that is who i will ever be forever, and the possibility of change was not remotely conceivable. I took courses and studied books on personal improvement and positive psychology and did therapy, and tried to change my thoughts and my core beliefs, and wear the actions and behaviors of a sane, happy, confident, secure, successful person, which all helped a little bit. Even as I write this Im feeling pain just from remembering how painful it was to live like that for years and years over and over again. After about 3 months on a very intensive detoxification program, i started to wake up feeling extremely rested, calm, and just overflowing with positive emotions. It was like a very heavy burden was on my chest, not allowing me to breathe, for so long, that I just learned to live and adapt with it, and once that burden was lifted, i felt like a blind man who started to see. My whole outlook on life started to change.

I had more motivation to do things, and my appetite to explore and learn new things just exploded. Stupid things did not bother me anymore. I stopped holding grudges against others, or reacting to someone else if they did something I didnt like or offended me, and I had an infinite capacity to just absolutely forget and delete from my memory all the meaningless things that dont matter, and focus. Its like my memory became much worse at remembering stupid shit and much better at remembering useful things. My whole perception, of everything in life, was changed. To witness yourself actually truly change for the better, from the inside out, is an infinitely exciting experience.

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If you think your health is 10/10 now, your health would be margaret 1000/10 if your body is truly clean and detoxified. The benefits of a detox on your life are immeasurable and cannot be underestimated. You also need to know that detox is another buzz word that is being ignorantly thrown around a lot in reference to very weak and ineffective detoxes such as the master cleanse or a green juice detox. Some of these detoxes can be great for a beginner, but the real life-transforming effects can only be felt from an intensive and structured detox program that targets all of: heavy metals, yeast (candida or fungus parasites, estrogens, and viruses, which are the underlying root. These are some of the benefits i experienced from detoxification, mainly from heavy metal detoxification. 1-, a very hard to describe feeling of unusual, unexplainable wellness, bliss, peacefulness, contentment, joy and unusual calmness. Years ago, before i started learning about health and diet and detoxification, i used to be extremely depressed, negative, sad, nostalgic, needy, and moody, almost all the time. I professional was so in my depression and my self-pity, that I couldnt even consider the possibility that my health had anything to do with how I felt.

the joy of reading and writing superman and me summary

Once these toxins are out, we really wont feel the need to do these things. Well still benefit from them, but they wont play nearly as much of a role as they do now. Everybody living in the modern world, is toxic, and can benefit immensely from a detox. Unless you have been living in an island or a jungle for most of your life, you have certainly been exposed to very high levels of toxins and pathogens: heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, estrogens from plastics, pesticides, chemicals in the environment. Our immune system and our bodies can handle and detoxify small amounts of these toxins, but in this day and age the load is too high that the body is no longer able to keep. Nearly 100,000 chemicals or more, many of which are extremely toxic, have been introduced to the environment in the past 100 years alone. Our bodies have not yet evolved the detoxification mechanisms to handle such an overwhelming amount of toxicity. The speed at which these toxins are being released is higher than the speed at which our bodies can evolve to handle them. Many people can appear perfectly healthy yet their bodies are host to millions of toxins and pathogens, and their health can infinitely improve by detoxifying and getting some of the garbage out.

making 1000 a day, but spending 2000 on useless things. If you can get rid of all or most of those unnecessary expenses, then: 1) you wouldnt have to work as much or as hard anymore, and 2) even if you keep working, you can actually enjoy and be able to reinvest the money that. So, eliminating those unnecessary expenses can make a huge positive difference. In this example, your diet (including things like supplements and herbs) and things like exercise, yoga, etc., are the money you are making, and detoxification is the elimination of unnecessary expenses. You can keep improving your diet and do other things to improve your health, and benefit from that, but eventually youll hit a plateau. Detoxification is where the real breakthrough can happen and where you can make a big leap and truly transform your health and your brain. It is truly the most profitable long-term investment I have made in myself thus far. Before i did my first real detox, i spent tens of thousands of dollars on my health, and tried every expensive supplement and herb there is, from ta-65 (which costs over 600 a bottle) to the most expensive and rare Chinese herbs like wild ginseng. What I realized was this: many of the things we do, such as exercise and yoga, merely offer us a temporary relief from all the toxins we have in our bodies.

You cannot, truly and thoroughly, detoxify your body, with green juices, a supplement, or a 14-day cleanse. I completely turned my life around as a result of detoxifying my body, and helped many people transform their lives by teaching them how to have an optimal diet and detox program. I am not exaggerating when I say that all of my problems in life were directly or indirectly caused by toxicity, from heavy metals and other toxins and opportunistic organisms like candida and parasites. Here, i will share with you what worked best for me and for the people i coached, and show you how to properly detoxify your body from heavy metals and other toxins. According to many readers, this is, by far, the best second- best health article ever written. So, clear-up your calendar, turn off your phone, go guaranteed to the bathroom if you need to, then go somewhere quiet, and get ready to read one of the most deeply profound and moving articles youve ever read. Toxicity the Obstacle to reaching your Fullest Potential. Think of your brain as a bank account. You can constantly keep adding to it, evolving it and growing it, but you can also have a huge negative balance.

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I could divide my life neatly into two parts: before detox, and after. Before, i was dead. After, i came alive. Detoxification is, by far, the most important and powerful thing anybody can do to improve their health and their life. Countless articles and books have been written on detox and cleansing. Very few of them can be helpful. Most of them however, are pure garbage, and are pure marketing and hype. Detoxification is a long-term, very demanding and challenging essays process that requires a lot of patience, time, and hard work.

The joy of reading and writing superman and me summary
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