Rh bill thesis

rh bill thesis

Ano ang rh bill essay

The cost of contraceptive supplies has become a more common reason for nonuse in of contraception in recent years. The proponents assume that the views and opinion of the respondents will result into three sides: the religious group will opposed the bill, professional will somehow agrees and advocates the bill, and the result of the survey for common people will be divided into both. Significance of the Study This section of the book is written by the proponent to give emphasize and overlook to the possible effect of the study to the concern individual. It contains criticism and encouragement to the following type and group of people. Barangay officials This will help them realize that rh bill may help lessen their communities growing population and inform their people about effective method in family planning. Couple this will make them realize that they use contraceptives if they are not yet ready on having a child.

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My issue is that in Criminal law, persons below the age of answers 15 are presumed to be innocent and cannot incur criminal liability. It seems that our law is inconsistent in the sense that as far as reproductive health is concerned; persons below 15 are presumed to be mature enough to be educated on such topics yet are presumed to be innocent with respect to criminal liability. The advantages of the rh bill in third world countries like philippines, reproductive health bill (less population) means economic growth, less crimes, less uneducated children, more food on the table without resorting to begging. This bill hopes to provide midwives for skilled attendance to childbirth and emergency obstetric care, even in geographically isolated and depressed areas. Thus, the one of the causes of maternal mortality, that arising from unattended births, will be addressed. The disadvantages of the reproductive health Bill in the Philippines is the undue focus being given to reproductive health and population and development, when many more urgent and important health problems need to be addressed in the country, those that cause a significant number. Financial resources allotted by foreign donors to assist the Philippine government programs could actually be better spent towards pursuing health programs targeting communicable diseases than purchasing artificial contraceptives. The bill also calls for the integration of family planning and responsible parenthood in anti-poverty programs. The most common reasons why women thesis with unmet need in the Philippines do not practice contraception are health concerns about contraceptive methods, including a fear of side effects. The second largest category of reasons why women with unmet need do not use contraceptives is that many believe they are unlikely to become pregnant. Their specific reasons include having sex infrequently, experiencing lactation amenorrhea (temporary infertility while nursing) and being less fecund than normal.

Economic progress and development. Rh bill in the Philippines rh bill in the Philippines Professional Professional Ordinary people Ordinary people Philippine govt Philippine govt Statement of the Problem The proponents about would like to study the issue of the growing population of the Philippines, the implementation of rh bill and. The proponents aim to address the following questions:. What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing rh bill to the filipino society? What are the reasons why women with unmet need in the Philippines do not practice contraception in the Philippines? What are the views and opinions of the religious groups, professionals, and common people? 2 Assumptions One of the measures to be adopted by the rh bill is to inculcate in the educational curriculum matters pertaining to reproductive health, responsible parenthood, sex education, etc.

rh bill thesis

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Existential philosophers often focused more on summary what is subjective, such as beliefs and religion, or human states, feelings, and emotions, such as freedom, pain, guilt, and regret, as opposed to analyzing objective knowledge, essay language, or science. The early 19th century philosopher Soren kierkegaard is regarded as the father of existentialism. He maintained that the individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life passionately and sincerely, in spite of many existential obstacles and distractions including despair, angst, absurdity, alienation, and boredom. Subsequent existentialist philosophers retain the emphasis on the individual, but differ, in varying degrees, on how one achieves and what constitutes a fulfilling life, what obstacles must be overcome, and what external and internal factors are involved, including the potential consequences of the existence. Many existentialists have also regarded traditional systematic or academic philosophy, in both style and content, as too abstract and remote from concrete human experience. Existentialism became fashionable in the post-World War years as a way to reassert the importance of human individuality and freedom. Research Paradigm Output Output Dependent Variables Dependent Variables Independent Variables Independent Variables Religious Groups Religious Groups Economic progress and development. Unequalization in the community.

There will be a tendency that the money they can get from the state business will decrease because they need to balance the budget. The people will become threat to the state due to the uprisings if more and more people become aware that the state is no longer capable to provide their needs. It is easy to brainwash the entire nation when it has only few people. Good economists disagree that population is reversely proportional to growth. They believe that the population is directly proportional to growth because the economic activity is very high in areas where population is very dense. Another theory which represents the side of Roman Catholic Church regarding about their strong opposition concerning the bill was the theory of existentialism were they get the idea of importance of the life of the unborn. Existentialism is a term applied to the work of a number of philosophers since the 19th century who, despite large differences in their positions, generally focused on the condition of human existence, and an individuals emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts, or the meaning or purpose.

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rh bill thesis

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We construct this study just to give additional information and to know the opinion of james the majority coming from the voice of ordinary people, professionals and religious groups. Conceptual Framework The two different theories which encompasses the issue of implementation of rh bill in the country as it is being pits into powerful sectors against each other church on the one hand (theory of Existentialism)-and on the other hand, a well-funded institution the. Communism is a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labor and private property in the means of production and real estate. It is a specific stage of historical development that inevitably emerges from the development of the productive forces that leads to a superabundance of material wealth, allowing for distribution based on need and social relations based on freely-associated individuals. This theory was gradually proposed by karl Marx and adopted by different countries.

The reproductive health Bill, popularly known as the rh bill, is a philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill has become the center of a contentious national ebate. The communist countries are the first ones who implement the law because they believe that wealth will be achievable in areas where there has less population. The state earth owns and controls the businesses and it is very easy for them to steal money if they have the control. Less population makes the state business to provide small budget for the people because they provide the basic needs of their people. They have believed that much number of people is hard to control because of these reasons:. The state needs to provide big budget for the basic needs of its people.

Thus, the population Commission (Popcom) was created to push for a lower family size norm and provide information and services to lower fertility rates. The reproductive health, bill, popularity known as the, rH, bill, is a philippine, bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill was become the center of a contentious national debate. 5043, the, rH filled in previous Congress, called for the promotion of both artificial and natural methods of family planning, sex education and responsible parenthood. This bill indicated that the government would support couples who wanted to limit the number of their children by using contraceptives. However, there is general agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health, there is great debate on its key proposal that the filipino taxpayer and private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices birth control pills(BCPs)and iuds, as the government.

Private companies and the public and private elementary and secondary school system will be required to participate in this information and product dissemination as a way of controlling the population of the Philippines. This, bill is very controversial, as it is being opposed by concerned citizens, especially the pro-life, pro-family, and pro-god groups, regardless of creed of religion. The rcc or Roman Catholic Church expresses the opposition against the bill on many counts, most especially the pronouncement and distribution of family planning devices which are abortifacient to fertilized eggs; they kill the young embryos, who as such are human beings equally worthy. To illustrate how fundamentally divisive the issue is, two powerful institution in the Philippines find themselves at odds, as the bill is supported by the administration of the Philippine president Benigno Aquino iii and actively opposed by roman Catholic Church. The study wants to inform the readers about the truth behind the implementation of rh bill. The researchers want to emphasize the issue of the growing population in the Philippines, as the government makes their step to combat this matter and how are the communities actively aware regarding this issue. The objective of this study are to be able to know the advantage and disadvantages of legalization of rh bill, the consequences behind its provisions and proposal, Its impact to the Philippine economy, and criticism of concerned Filipino citizen, will it be an effective solution. This research study was formed not to be bias in both parties being argue.

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Janet Garin, hb 101, (3) Akbayan Representatives kaka bag-ao warren Bello; hb 513, (4) Muntinlupa representative rodolfo biazon, hb 1160, (5) Iloilo representative augusto syjuco, guaranteed hb 1520, (6) Gabriela word rep. In the senate, sen. We will write a custom essay sample. Thesis : Demography and Reproductive health or any similar topic only for you. Order now, miriam Defensor Santiago has filed her own version of the. Rh bill which, she says, will be part of the countrys commitment to international covenants. On January 31, 2011, the house of Representatives Committee on Population and Family relations voted to consolidate all house versions of the bill, which is entitled An Act Providing for a comprehensive policy on Responsible parenthood, reproductive health and Population development and for Other Purposes. According to the senate policy Brief titled Promoting Reproductive health, the history of reproductive health in the Philippines dates back to 1967 when leaders of 12 countries including the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos signed the declaration on Population. The Philippines agreed that the population problem be considered as the principal element for long-term economic development.

rh bill thesis

The population policy in one country or state aimed at controlling the quantity, and improving the quality of family life as well as managing the distribution of population so as to improve the community is economic life. Philippines is ranked as the twelfth most marketing densely populated country in the world compromising approximately population of 90 million(as of in 2006). According to some reliable research and documents, the population of the Philippines continually increasing as it goes by in the succeeding years. To control this matter the house of Representatives of the republic of the Philippines proposed a bill which suggest to limit the population birth rate and to balance the over population, This bill was recognize to be called as Reproductive health. Bill, which was the main focus of the study. The first time the reproductive health. Bill was proposed was in 1998. During the present 15th Congress, the. Rh, bills filed are those authored by (1) house minority leader Edcel Lagman of Albay, hb 96; (2) Iloilo rep.

chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Study Where is the provision that recognizes the sanctity of family life? Wheres the provision to protect the life of the unborn, from conception? Is this bill morally acceptable? These are some of the question that will give an answer as you strived reading and analyzing this research study. Population is all organisms that both belong to the same species and live in the same geographical area. The webster Dictionary defined population as the total number of persons inhabiting in a country, city or any district or area. Overpopulation is the most crucial issue in the Philippines. Many people suffer from poverty, hunger and slackness due to some conflicts the government cannot sustain the primary needs of its people, as the issue concerns the government still finding a adequate and right population policy.

I could say that resumes in some part of each individuals, rh bills may help and it may brings into some point also that it may trigger to do such thing that will ruin someones life. But as the saying goes that every lil thing that is too much is not good. So, it depends on how were going to take it and treat it as long as we are only motivated to do good and focus only to what could bring us a healthy and happy life then I think it will help. An Introduction to The reproductive health. Bill, poverty and overpopulation are two of the biggest national concern in the Philippines have right now. Many solutions have been made to alleviate these problems but none of them seem to work. One of which is The reproductive health. Bill of the Philippines, or, rH, bill. This bill allows Filipinos access to contraceptives and an opportunity to be enlightened on the topic of family planning.

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In: Social Issues, essay submitted by styx001, words 5972, pages. What is, rH, bill is all about? The reproductive health bills, or popularly known. Rh bill, are Philippine bills aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. It is a way of helping people to be more advance, well prepared, and to widen up each and. There is this top agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health care, there is great debate on its proposal that we taxpayer and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as birth control pills (BCPs) and. Everyone has been talking about this. Rh bills, for some agreed and some dont.

Rh bill thesis
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  3. Miriam Defensor Santiago has filed her own version of the. Rh bill which, she says, will be part of the countrys commitment to international covenants.

  4. Rh Bill, essay; Rh Bill, essay. Are you in favour of the legalization. Reproductive health bill in the Philippines? Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Statement Of The Problem. What is the, reproductive health Bill or, rh bill? The, rh bill is a bill that allows the usage of mechanical and chemical barriers such.

  5. Thesis, proposal: Rh, law in the Philippines 2075 Words 9 Pages. Framework of the Study Introduction of the Study On August 16, 1999, the first version of what is known as the. Reproductive health Bill is filed in the 11th Congress as house. Baby thesis about rh bill - thesis abstract guide. Our essay editing experts are available any time of the day or night to help you get better grades on your essays and become a better writer.

  6. Search results for: no to rh bill thesis proposal. Click here for more information! May not be inaccurate to say that the six bills are six versions of the same. Reproductive health rH ) bill. Best Answer: you can draft your own thesis statement with the help of the site mentioned in the source below. Search results for: Reproductive health bill thesis proposal.

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