Year 11 homework

year 11 homework

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What Nick (to do) when you came to his place? What you (to do) when I rang you up? I (not to sleep) at nine o'clock yesterday. What he (to do) yesterday? — he (to read) a book. What he (to do) the whole evening yesterday? She (to sleep) when you came home?

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My sister (not to play) the piano at four o'clock yesterday. She (to play) the piano the whole evening. When I came into the kitchen, mother (to cook). She (to cook) the whole day yesterday. We (to wash) the floor in our flat yesterday. We (to wash) the floor in our flat from three till four yesterday. You (to do) your homework yesterday? You (to do) your homework from eight till ten yesterday? Why she (to sleep) at seven o'clock yesterday? He (to sit) at the table the whole evening yesterday.

It lives in my house. I (to play) computer games yesterday. I (to play) computer games at five o'clock yesterday. He (to play) computer games from two till three yesterday. We (to play) computer games the whole evening yesterday. My book brother (not to play) tennis yesterday. He (to play) tennis the day before yesterday.

year 11 homework

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My father and mother (to like) it very much. When we were in the country last summer, i (to go) to the wood one day. In the wood I (to find) a little fox cub. I (to bring) it home. I (to decide) to tame the cub. Every day i (to feed) it and (to take) care. I (to tame) it the whole summer. Now the fox cub is quite tame.


He (to do) his homework. When I (to go) to school the day before yesterday, i met mike and Pete. They (to talk) and (to laugh). They told me a funny story. Soon I (to laugh too. I still (to laugh) when we came to school. After school I (to tell) this story at home.

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year 11 homework

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I (to go) to the cinema at four o'clock yesterday. I essay (to go) to the cinema when you met. I (to do) my essay homework the whole evening yesterday. I (to do) my homework when mother came home. I (to do) my homework yesterday.

I (to do) my homework from five till eight yesterday. I (to do) my homework at six o'clock yesterday. I (not to play) the piano yesterday. I (to write) a letter to my friend. I (not to play) the piano at four o'clock yesterday. I (to read) a book. He (not to sleep) when father came home.

You (to drink) tea at this time yesterday? — no, i (not to drink) tea at this time yesterday, i (to eat) a banana. My sister is fond of reading. She (to read) the whole evening yesterday, and now she (to read) again. My cat (to play) with a ball.

When I went out into the garden, the sun (to shine) and birds (to sing) in the trees. You (to eat) ice cream now? You (to eat) ice cream when I rang you up yesterday? What your father (to do) now? What your father (to do) from eight till nine yesterday? Why she (to cry) now? Why she (to cry) when I saw her yesterday? I (to go) to the cinema yesterday.

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My friends (not to do) their homework now. They (to online play) volleyball. My friends (not to do) their homework at seven business o'clock yesterday. She (to read) the whole evening yesterday. She (not to read) now. Now she (to go) to school. What you (to do) now? — i (to drink) tea.

year 11 homework

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Year 11 homework
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  3. I see it, finished. Oh the joys of year 11, homework annoys me; especialy when your maths teacher seems to have an unusual fetish with giving homework it makes. Overburdening struggling students with too much or too-challenging homework results in frustration rather than effective learning.these contacts have become rarer as my students have adapted to my homework policy. Among the latter for many students will be the homework they are assigned to complete overnight and on weekends. Families across the uae getting ready for new school year.

  4. You (to go) to Great Britain last year? — no, i (to go) to France. The tutors are like. Homework helpers who would assist you with any kind of assignment work. 11, year old -not turning in homework. He brings homework home everyday.

  5. Baines ict / Computing, homework. Year 13 Independant learning. Year 13, homework (project year 11 theory homework. Year 11 homework timetable 2014. Click on the following link for further details. My friends (not to do) their homework at seven o clock yesterday.

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