Report on it industry

report on it industry

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Because theyre more likely to increase use of all cloud-based infrastructure services in the next 12 months. Change in workloads supported by cloud-based infrastructure (Percent planning to increase use in the next 12 months) Total loading chart loading chart loading chart 42 Access to data Anywhere 38 Disaster Recovery capabilities 37 Better Flexibility 36 Reducing the support Burden on it staff What. Top drivers for moving workloads to the cloud include providing access to data anywhere (42 enhancing disaster recovery capabilities (38 enabling better flexibility (37 and reducing the support burden on it staff (36). Top drivers of moving workloads to the cloud Total loading chart loading chart loading chart There are some regional differences when it comes to top cloud drivers, too. For na companies, reducing support burden on it and enhancing disaster recovery rank significantly higher than in Europe. For European crews: improving collaboration across offices is more valuable. In terms of company size, mid-size troops (500-999 employees) are more likely to move to the cloud to enhance disaster recovery capabilities.

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Theyre probably tying up their sails because theyre more likely to collect protected types of data — and the larger a companys revenue, the more catastrophic the fines could. But its clear many outfits, biodiesel especially north American companies that collect international data, could be heading for rough waters whether they know it or not. Cloudy with a chance of more cloud Thanks to an increasingly mobile workforce, the potential for more collaboration across oceans, and the flexibility and scalability of cloud solutions, more workloads are being supported by pastor cloud-based infrastructure services. 42 Communications/Collaboration 41 Backup/Disaster Recovery 29 Productivity Apps A few of the most common workloads supported by cloud infrastructure include communications/collaboration (42 backup/disaster recovery (41 and productivity apps (29). And as the regional trend winds blow, north American companies are more likely to support backup/disaster recovery with cloud infrastructure than their European counterparts. At the same time, european companies are more likely to sail towards the cloud line for ecommerce. Current workloads supported by cloud-based infrastructure services Total loading chart loading chart loading chart In terms of company size, the smaller outfits more often turn their rudders toward cloud infrastructure for communication and collaboration. Large companies (more than 1,000 employees) report greater usage of cloud-based infrastructure to support software development, ecommerce, and r d/engineering purposes. When it comes to how companies foresee their workloads moving to cloud infrastructure over the next 12 months, communication/collaboration is top o the mast while backup/disaster recovery is close behind. Companies with 1,000 employees are shouting cloud ho!

It trends on the horizon From gdpr and cloud to cool new tech Whether its jumping aboard mandatory data compliance, getting an under-the-hull peek at cloud drivers, or squinting through the spyglass at emerging technologies, our sea legs are going the distance. Gdpr (General Data Protection Regulation) is designed to protect the privacy and personal data of European Union (EU) residents and will go into mini effect may 2018. But seeing as though the dense, 99-article regulation isnt exactly an easy read, a more suitable acronym might be gdpaarrrgghh! In fact, many companies are unclear what steps they need to take to avoid getting hit with major fines and being forced to walk the non-compliance plank next spring. Case in point: As of mid-2017, 57 of respondents still havent allocated budget for gdpr or are unclear whether or not gdpr budget exists. Gdpr budget Allocation Total loading chart loading chart loading chart North American companies are less likely to have set aside budget for gdpr, as many (perhaps erroneously) might assume they do not have to comply with the regulation. On the other side of the pond, european companies are more likely to have budget allocated and ensure gdpr fines wont sink their mighty ships. Looking at gdpr preparations by company size, its clear enterprises are taking the threat seriously. They report having more budget set aside for gdpr and list higher amounts of budget allocated for compliance.

report on it industry

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For mid-size outfits with 500-999 employees, budget availability is more likely to steer the ship. New technology features are a stronger purchase motivator for larger organizations than for smaller companies. Trust helps anchor the deal when it comes to major it expenses. But what exactly motivates it buyers to join forces with a channel partner or reseller over buying directly from vendors? Price aside, existing relationships, reputation, prior positive experience, and ease of purchase all rank as top reasons why it pros form an alliance with third party sellers. Top drivers to purchase solutions through channel partners/resellers Total loading chart loading chart loading chart In terms of size, small brigades value price and existing relationships the most. A positive prior experience is a greater motivator for orgs with less than 1,000 employees to take the reseller route than it is for larger companies.

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report on it industry

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15 Online backup/Recovery 10 Productivity solutions 9 Email Hosting 9 Web Hosting Hosted/cloud services haul: Online backup/recovery (15 productivity solutions (10 email hosting personal (9 and web hosting (9) rise to the top of the cloud pack. Hosted/cloud budget breakout for 2018 Total, regional, and by company size loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart Online backup/recovery Productivity Email hosting Web hosting Business support apps Industry -specific apps Security solutions iaas cloud storage. Larger crews report spending more of their cloud budget on othello's paas. 12 Managed Hosting 9 Managed Storage/Backup 9 Managed Hardware support maintenance 9 Managed Security managed services haul: Managed hosting (12 managed storage/backup (9 managed hardware support and maintenance (9 and managed security (9) will be taking home the biggest portions of the budget bounty. Managed services budget breakout for 2018 Total, regional, and by company size loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart Managed hosting Managed storage/backup Managed hardware support Managed security managed networking Managed it help desk managed business.

Passage Three powers of the purchase Fleet Drivers that influence new tech What motivates it buyers to spend their hard-earned gold as they embark upon their purchase journey? More than half of respondents reported end-of-life and growth/additional needs (followed by upgrade/refresh cycles) as the strongest forces driving them on the voyage to new tech. Especially in North America, end-of-life ranks as the top influencer for it purchases. In Europe, end-of-life is neck and neck with growth/additional needs in the rankings of top driving forces. Top drivers of new hardware, software, and/or service purchases Total loading chart loading chart loading chart When breaking it down by company size, end-of-life leads the pack for smaller crews (1-99 employees).

Among spending categories, the highest percentage of businesses reported an increase in cloud budget as compared to 2017. More businesses also reported a decrease in hardware budgets in the last year. But the spend isnt distributed evenly across all company sizes. For example, bigger fleets are more likely to report an increase in cloud spending than smaller companies. In fact, 66 of companies with 1,000-4,999 employees reported an increase in hosted/cloud budgets while 72 of companies with 5,000 employees reported an increase. Change in budget allocation in the past year loading chart How will the gold coins stack up?

To find out, we peered through our spyglass (with our one good eye) for a closer look under the lid of each main budget category. 17 Desktops 15 Laptops 13 Servers 8 Networking Hardware haul: desktops (17 laptops (15 servers (13 and networking (8) fill up the biggest portion of it budgets. Hardware budget breakout for 2018 Total/Regional loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart Desktops Laptops Servers Networking Tablets mobile security power and climate Printers External Storage telephony peripherals Other Don't Know A curious trend: When looking. Larger companies are much more likely to invest in power and climate to help ensure smooth sailing in the server room. 11 Operating Systems 10 Security software 10 Productivity software 9 Virtualization Software haul: Operating systems (11 security software (10 productivity software (10 and virtualization (9) round out the top budget categories. Software budget breakout for 2018 Total, regional, and by company size loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart loading chart Operating Systems Security Productivity virtualization Industry -specific apps Business support apps Backup/disaster recovery database management it management Email. In contrast, the bigger bands of buccaneers will be spending more of their software budget on virtualization and database systems.

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Lay of the budget Land, far reach of the riches, its clear it crews will have plenty to work with in revelation their 2018 coffers, but how can we expect to see budget play out on the open it seas? 31 Hardware 26 Software 21 Hosted cloud-based Services 15 Managed Services. The lions share of the budget bounty will be spent on hardware (31 with software (26 hosted/cloud-based services (21 and managed services (15) rounding out the tech haul this coming year. It budget allocation in 2018 Total, regional, and by company size. Loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, loading chart. Hardware, software, hosted/cloud-based services, managed services, don't Know. When looking for differences among categories by company size, it appears the big outfits are more likely than smaller companies to allocate budget to managed services. Mid-size orgs (100-499 employees) are slightly less likely to invest in hosted/cloud-based services than both the largest and the smallest companies. The tides be turning, although hardware and software will be staking claim to the largest share of budget territory in 2018, hosted/cloud-based services are closing in, and quickly growing into a formidable force.

report on it industry

In fact, 60 of respondents expect their corporate earnings to increase in the coming year. And its likely business will allocate a good portion of that loot toward writer new tech, which means 2018 could be a swashbuckling good time for tech marketers. Expected revenue change in 2018 Total. Loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, of course, its going to take more hands on deck to manage new hardware, software, and services. As a result, companies will be staffing up their trusty crew of it pros throughout the year ahead. Expected change in it staff for 2018 Total. Loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, across the seven seas in 2018, more it departments will swell in size than shrink. And the mega vessels (larger companies) forecast the biggest boost in staffing. More than 60 of companies with 500 employees expect to increase it staff while 70 of large enterprises (5000) report theyll hire more it pros in 2018.

anticipate no change at all. Only 11 expect to see their budgets decrease. Companies that expect budgetary gains foresee a 19 jump in it budgets, on average. Why such a positive outlook? An ever-increasing dependence on technology in the workplace could be one explanation for these sudden favorable winds. Expected it budget change in 2018 Total. Loading chart, loading chart, loading chart, revenue on the rise and it staffing looks. As economic trends continue upward, company revenues are expected to chart the same course.

View our other Technology, media, and Telecommunications. Outlooks: Media entertainment, look again, in todays rapidly evolving marketplace environment, key business issues are converging with general impacts felt across multiple industry sectors. What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may affect your business and influence your strategy? Look for more perspectives and insights from some of Deloittes forward thinkers. Back to top, explore content, recommendations. Gartner for Technical Professionals: 2018 Planning guide overview. We live in an era of exponential change, driven not only by advances in specific technologies, such as ai and marketing analytics, but also by the way those technologies are combined (for example, marketing analytics powered by ai). Today, keeping up with the trends in your core discipline is not enough — you must also understand what is happening in adjacent disciplines. Passage One, budgetary bounty in 2018, smooth sailing for tech spending.

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2018 Technology Industry Trends deloitte. Perspectives, explore content 2018 technology industry trends, in an age of digital disruption, technology companies face increasing pressure to improve time to market and ensure their reviews offerings are best in class. Buy, build, partner models and m a strategies can help companies gain a competitive edge in growth areas like cloud, cognitive computing, and data analytics. In Deloittes 2018 Technology, industry. Outlook, paul Sallomi, us and global technology sector leader, examines current technology industry trends and answers three key questions: Where do you see opportunities for growth in 2018? Which strategies are tech companies using to facilitate growth? What should businesses be mindful of as they plan for growth?

Report on it industry
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  3. Gartner Special Reports are time-sensitive. Report highlights new and recent research. Shifts around the trends driving the industry.

  4. Ibisworld is a global business intelligence leader specializing. Industry market, research and Procurement and Purchasing research reports. The cybersecurity market, report covers the business of cybersecurity, including market sizing and industry forecasts from consolidated research by it analyst firms, emerging trends, cybercrime, employment, the federal sector, notable m a, venture capital and corporate investments, ipo activity, and more. The global sourcing market in India continues to grow at a higher pace compared to the it-bpm industry. According to the moneyTree india.

  5. Industry, outlook provides insight on how key trends will impact the technology industry this year. Report on it industry. A project report on analysis of it industry by hitesh gupta (08) neha mali (18) shailesh gawande (70) vrushali borse (46) nikhil kashmire (19) kiran waghmare (59) sonali badole (71) submitted to savitribai phule pune university in partial fulfilment of the requirment for elective industry. Download reports from The Economist Intelligence Unit covering countries and industry. Many available free of charge. Download your report today.

  6. This research report provides a forecast for the it industry in 2018 along with 12 major trends to keep an eye. Gartner s predictions are broad and deep, and reach across the most significant areas of it and the it industry. State of it the annual report on,. Industry -specific apps Business support apps Backup/disaster recovery database management. From cloud-driven innovations to the evolving buy, build, partner model, disruption is everywhere.

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