Me and my best friend essay

me and my best friend essay

Essay on my best Friend for Children and Students

Search for coc base layouts, edit, and create your own clash of my best friend essay for class 7 in urdu clans base. My best Friend Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and. Find paragraph, long and short essay on my best Friend for your Kids, Children and Students. Essay my best friend in urdu. Main page a 1 page a 2 page a 3 page a my best friend essay for class 7 in urdu 4 page a my best friend essay for class. Free essays on my best Friend In Urdu for students.

Essay on my best Friend Complete Essay for Class 10, Class

And of course in some cases our points of view can differ, for example, sometimes our opinions can be different in clothes, music or films. In such situations we freely express our points of view, we can even argue but we never suppress each other. To my mind thoughts, opinions and habits of your friend can influence you a lot, but they should not destroy your own personality, they shouldn't influence you if you don't want. I'm happy that both of us understand. I believe that friendship should be sincere and. In my opinion your friend should be attentive to you, he or she should be reliable, honest and he or she should trust you, because, i think, trust probably the most important feeling that exists between friends, but it never appears by itself,. As for our friendship, i'm sure it is strong enough because we trust each other as ourselves, we always share the same joys and troubles together and we support each other at difficult times. And it goes without saying that I like natasha with all store her positive and negative features of character and admire her a lot. More info click here, my best friend essay for class 7 in urdu. Essay my friend - urdu learning new Concept School, 1- w, peoples Colony Khanewal pakistan. it has been so immensely.

It doesn't mean that I can't say about all these things to my mother, but i know that nobody can understand me better than Natasha. I know that only she can support me and help me in everything, because we are very alike, we think in the same way and our points of view often coincide, but in spite of it I can't say that nothing worries me in our. We see each other rather rarely, because we live in different districts and she is too busy even on days off and I dislike it a lot. I consider she is a bit disorderly and she can't plan her father's day off in a right way, that's why she doesn't manage to do everything she wants. Natasha often has troubles and problems with her parents and it is another thing that worries. I know her parents very well and to my mind they are wonderful people, but sometimes my friend can be rude to them and as a result they quarrel, when she tells me about such quarrels I can't take her side because i don't approve. Sometimes her flippant attitude to some things worries me very much. In my opinion she is too flippant in her attitude to preventive words of others. But I believe that all these things can't destroy our friendship, though they influence it a bit.

me and my best friend essay

My best Friend essays

Sometimes she can write poems about love. It happens rarely but I'm always the first person who reads her poems and gives an objective mark. Natasha is fond of sport but this year she has very little time for it, because she is very busy with her studying, because she enters the university this year. And unfortunately that is the main reason why we see each other quite rarely, but we phone each other almost every day, we try to meet on our days off and that's why we don't feel separation from each other. Though I can't see natasha every day i think about her all the time. At these rare times when we see each other we like to attend cinema or central park, but most of all we like to speak. When we meet our mouths are never close because we can speak for hours, i can discuss with my best friend such problems that I can't discuss with my parents. We speak about fellows and our relations with them, we discuss our problems with parents and share our thoughts and dreams.

My best Friend Essay - 698 Words bartleby

me and my best friend essay

My best friend essay - 368 Words major Tests

Now she usf studies at gymnasium number 56 in physics-mathematics class. I'd like to add that she is a thesis great daydreamer, because she has always got her head in the clouds and she is always dreaming about something. But like other people she isn't an ideal. Sometimes she is too lazy and stubborn and I dislike it a bit. She is rather impatient, because she can't wait for long.

But these features of her character don't matter much for me; I try not to pay attention to them because in general she is a wonderful person, whom I worship a lot. Though Natasha is a busy girl and she doesn't have much free time, she always tries to find spare time for her hobbies and interests, because she has a lot of them. Most of all she likes to play computer games and solve various problems. She says she can't imagine her life without this machine. When Natasha relaxes she likes to look through different interesting magazines and newspapers but she doesn't like to read books, especially large books like "War and piece" by tolstoy.

She prefers low-heeled shoes to high-heeled, because they are more comfortable to her mind. I believe that Natasha is a very amazing girl, because she differs from other people. When she was about twelve she became a real tomboy, she communicated only with boys except me, she liked to play rough and boys' games and she even decided to go to the army when she would come of age. All her friends and relatives tried to dissuade her and at least she agreed, but frankly speaking. I can't understand her desire even now, though in general we are very alike.

It's true that Natasha is a very enthusiastic and active person, you can hardly find her sitting at one place without doing anything but in spite of it she constantly has no free time. My friend is a gregarious person and an optimist; she is never bored but always smiles and laughs, that is why i like her fascinating smile very much. I should say i can never be bored it my friend keeps company for me, because she is so cheerful and joyous. She is responsible and original, i think. Such friends like she can be characterized as devoted. Frank and careful, because she can never refuse if I need support or a piece of advice, she is always eager to help me and to calm me with the help of a tender word. To my mind Natasha is an intelligent, skillful and diligent girl, that's why her success in study is brilliant.

Friendship Essay: my best Friend

I think real it makes sense to say that when we returned home we were loyal friends. Today she has changed a lot but we are still best friends and now I think natasha is a very charming and pretty seventeen-year-old girl. She isn't tall and I can't even say that she is of average height but she is always smart and elegant. Natasha has an attractive face which is broaden with open and frank features. She is the owner of a blunt nose, large expressive green eyes and radiant smile that immediately makes people smile in return. Her blond hair and sort voice make her similar to a little beautiful princess from a fairy-tale. My friend likes casual clothes. Natasha hates skirts and formal blouses, but adores tight-fitting trousers and casual T-shirts.

me and my best friend essay

Before telling your friend something, before doing anything you should think a lot and guess what kind influence it will render on him and on his life. So i think that it is difficult to be a real friend, but to my mind all of us try to achieve the ideal of a true friend. I'm sure you will agree that nowadays there are various ways of acquaintance. Some people make friends when they are in guests or on weddings, others prefer to find friends with books the help of newspapers or the Internet. Somebody can get acquainted with his future friend when he even doesn't expect it, for example, when he simply walks in a park or goes anywhere by public transport. What about me i have known my best friend Natasha almost all my life, but 1 can never forget our first meeting. It was in summer when our families decided to rest in the south together. When we drove up to their house my attention was attracted by a little tidy girl in a rose dress, who was sitting to squat and playing with her long blond curl, but I can't say that my first impressions were the same. At first she seemed to me so correct, obedient and shy that I didn't like her, but when we began to communicate closer i understood I was mistaken.

girls. Such people think that a boy-friend can never spread false stories about you or tell your secrets to the entire world, but to my mind it depends on his moral qualities. I knew one boy who began to spread stories about me, saying I was dishonest, unreliable and impudent, when we broke our relations, but I still actually believe in friendship between fellows and girls, that's why i have equal amount of boys and girls among. But in my opinion it isn't an easy thing to be a true friend and before somebody can name you his best friend you should prove your friendship. To my mind everyone can have only one or two true friends, because a friend to all is a friend to none. I believe that faithful friend can brighten your life and make it more interesting, vivid and enjoyable. You are interested in your friend with all his positive and negative traits of personality and your friend in his turn can understand and forgive you everything. You shouldn't tell a lie to your friend, there mustn't be hypocrisy in your speech and even in thoughts.

As for me i'm happy to have lots of friends, some of them are close, some are less, but all of them make my life interesting and enjoyable and I can't imagine my life without them, because friendship means very much for. Being friends means making allowances for the other person's faults, being father's tolerant to each other moods. The most important thing about friends for me is being able to share secrets, to tell each other your problems and share your worries, to help each other out. As i've said before a real friend is the gift from the god. In my opinion an ideal friend should posses such qualities as honesty, sincerity, faith, tolerance and respect in attitude to you. A friend is a person who can help you in no time, lend you a hand, whom you can wake up in the middle of the night just to say you feel worried or who is eager to do everything for you waiting nothing. To my mind really close and devoted friend can be not only the same sex as you.

My best Friend Essay - friendship Essay

According to the dictionary friendship is a feeling and behaviour that exist between people, but what these feelings are and what this behaviour is everyone should decide for himself. I consider that friendship is a gift from the god. That's why i highly appreciate. I think it is hard to find a close friend because people are unique creatures of nature, all of them have their own habits, opinions and judgments which differ from others. It makes sense to say that friendship can be compared to a tree. Its seed should find good soil and under favourable conditions it will grow word into a tree. As the years go by the tree stands firmer and firmer on the ground and if it is strong enough it will survive all the storms and winds, but to help it we should take care of it and love. In my opinion lucky are the people who have real friends.

Me and my best friend essay
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  1. Compare and Contrast Essay : my best Friend. Both Kelvin and Amber genuinely care about me and my affairs, though. I feel very lucky to have jennifer in my life as she completes me and I want to thank her for listening without judging and. My best Friend Essay (100).

  2. Thanks for helping me essay my best Friend —. The were a blast mainly because she would let me do things that my mom would probably not have approved of, like. She truly was my best friend and also. He also admires me and I love him for that, after all, friendship is a two side affair and a give and take. 455 words short essay on my best Friend.

  3. She comforted me and helped me solve problems as I was in trouble. I admire my mom, she taught me a lot as a teacher, she supports me as my best friend. 23 02 - for me, my mother is my best. 8 03 - every one have many friends but every one have one best friend and here we are providing you essay on ". Sign up to view the whole essay and download the pdf for anytime access on your computer, tablet.

  4. As for me, i'm happy to have lots of friends, some of them are close, some are less, but all of them make my life. She is a popular student of the school because she is good in academic, sports and. We have provided here various paragraph and essay on my best friend. Where to buy my essay : Essay 8 : my bestfriend - mFor me, my best friend is my own cousin. Look for friend essay and qualifying language.

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