Write a synopsis of your novel

write a synopsis of your novel

Write a, novel Synopsis that sells your story

If you already have a solid following, consider using a progress meter when mentioning works in progress, especially if fans are waiting for a sequel to one of your existing books. There are several free and easy-to-use widgets that can generate a progression meter for your word count. Try putting one in the sidebar beneath the cover art for your next book. Take your social media presence to another level. Connect your website to every social media network where you are active. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more. Dont forget about goodreads. They have an excellent Author program that you can join for free.

Your, guide to an Effective, novel Synopsis

If you are unsure of what to do or dont feel that you have a strong design sense, err on the side of simplicity. A clean and minimal, mostly white website will essay not turn off any potential readers. On the contrary, a gauche color scheme, a cluttered layout, or poor quality images can negatively impact their opinion of you before they even read a word. Jimdo templates are built according to modern web design practices that strongly emphasize a logo. If you dont have a logo, you have a few options. You can have a logo professionally designed for you, or you can make one yourself. Many authors use their signature as a logo. This can work well if it is readable. You can scan it and convert it to a solid black or white png file with a transparent background. If you dont want a logo, just leave the logo Area of your website blank and select a nice font for the header Text area were and put your name there.

Some authors post outtakes from their books like alternate endings or deleted scenes. You can also publicly answer user questions or post short stories. The main goal of your author website should be to build out your audience and personal brand. You want your readers, interested journalists, agents, and publishers to see you as a professional. The look of your website will have a direct impact on their impression of you. It might word not be fair, but just as customers in a book store will judge your book by its cover, so will visitors judge you by the look of your website. Use imagery and design elements that will appeal to your readers. Obviously an author writing in the thriller, mystery, or horror genres should have a website that looks very different from someone writing in romance or fantasy. Just like with your writing, always think about your audience when making decisions about your website.

write a synopsis of your novel

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Then, as your list of works grow, you have more flexibility to add new information than you would if you tried to fit every book on only one page. Contact: your contact page is how your fans, press, agents, publishers, or anyone who might want to book you for a speaking engagement can easily reach out to you. Place a form Element on the page along with links to all of your active social media profiles. Lots of authors also include a mailing address, even if it is just a po box, as fans sometimes send handwritten notes or gifts. Events: If you go to literary or writing conventions, do book signings, or speak anywhere at all, mention it on this page. If your goal is to build an active audience for your writing, giving readers the opportunity to meet and speak with you in-person write is very powerful. Blog/News: Posting regularly recurring content on your website is a great way to improve your search engine rankings essay and it also helps to keep your audience coming back to your website. Post updates on your various writing projects, mention events, and link to influential or inspirational articles or happenings.

Books/Writing: For best results, you will want to create one page that lists all of your books, stories, and other pieces of writing, and then a separate unique page for each individual book. These standalone book pages are essentially product pages. You can use a store Item Element to sell the book directly from your Jimdo website, but you also should link to every other place where someone might like to purchase it, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Though it may seem like overkill to add a new page for each book, its worth the extra effort. Doing so will give you a unique url for each page (usually with the books title in it) and will boost your overall seo. Then, on each page, you can add a basic synopsis and cover image, and include all the support materials about the book on this one page. You can have a video trailer,  testimonials, reviews, and social media share buttons that make it easy for your visitors to share the link to that specific book page with their friends and followers on assorted social media platforms.

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write a synopsis of your novel

Master s Thesis list of Thesis Academics Graduate School

Remember that domains cant have spaces or characters other than letters, numbers, and dashes. A top level domain for. Author is in the works, but these are not available for registration yet. Avoid domain names that are too difficult to spell or ones that use hyphens, as those will require you to spend extra time explaining how to reach your website. Another common pitfall is replacing words with numbers. Most visitors expect to find certain information on an authors website. You want to make sure that you provide all the relevant information for all the different groups of people that will check out your site: fans who want to find out more information about you, check the progress of your latest writing endeavors, and purchase.

Consider adding these pages to your website: Home: The home page is your chance to make a first impression. Make sure to have the most important information about your latest book, and a small paragraph-long mini-bio on the page. Its also a good idea to add an email newsletter signup and links to all of your social media profiles. About/Biography: Place your entire biography along with a headshot photograph on this page. You can easily flower add a high-resolution version of your photo as a file download Element for members of the press to use.

While anyone can create a free author website with Jimdo, most serious writers will want to use. JimdoPro or, jimdoBusiness so they can hide the jimdo advertisement on their site and register and/or connect a custom domain name to make it super easy for people to find you and your work online. Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting out with your author website. Using your actual name is a logical first thing to try. Something like m would work great, but might not be a great idea if your name is difficult to spell. Avoid using your book title as the main domain for your author website.

Your website should document your entire writing career, not just a single point in the journey. However, you can connect multiple domains to a single website. So you if would like to also register a domain based on the title of your book, you can have that also bring visitors to your main website. If your name if very common and is unavailable, try something like m. Since domain names are not case sensitive, you can always make them easier to read by showing them written or typed with the first letter of each word capitalized. If possible, the best choice is still to get the. Com version of your domain name to avoid someone else getting traffic while looking for you.

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Bordeaux, san Francisco, or, dublin are all pdf great choices. If you want a more modern look for your author website, consider a template like. avoid templates with large hero area (visual areas at the top of the site unless you have some fantastic photos that you think would help your personal brand. You can select or change your template at any time by logging into your website and clicking Templates in the site Admin and then selecting one to preview from the alphabetical list. If you like literature it, click save, otherwise choose Undo and try a different option. To see all the features of different templates and sort them to find ones that will meet the needs of your author website, browse the. Remember that you can change the color, photographs, and subject matter of the examples very easily.

write a synopsis of your novel

With Jimdo, theres no one specific author template that you have to use essay — jimdos modern and responsive templates are available for all types of websites. With the right images and text any jimdo template can make a fantastic author website that will look great on laptops, tablets, or phones. The template determines where on the page your logo, navigation, content area, and sidebar will appear. You can learn more about how to select the perfect template for your Jimdo website on our blog. Making the best template choice for your author website will come down to the type of specific features and content you plan on showcasing, as well as your personal taste. Choosing a template with a sidebar is a good way to promote your latest book or a list of upcoming events. The content in the sidebar is always visible, which makes it a great place to promote your books and news.

will teach you everything you need to know about making your author website with Jimdo. Whether you are just beginning your writing career or you are a successful novelist with dozens of books under your belt, jimdo is a great solution for creating your author website. You can even make an author website for free and then upgrade. JimdoPro or, jimdoBusiness when you feel ready to add your own domain name and want to get more serious about selling books and merchandise directly from your site or improving your search engine results. Getting started building your Jimdo website is simple. Visit m/templates and select a starting template. Dont worry though, you can easily change jimdo templates at any time without losing any of your work.

Being an author takes time, skill, passion, and commitment. And then after you have completed your masterpiece, you still have to find an audience for your novel, short story, or article. This is where a website can really help. A writers website acts as a central hub for all information surrounding your literary life. Share news, photos, writing samples, and links to all of your social networks and book retailers in one place. Jimdo makes building plan an author website easy. Any of our flexible designs can become a wonderful author website template.

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In this guide youll learn how to:. Select the right template for your legs author website. Log in and choose your domain name. Create the webpages that an author website needs. Add tools and reviews from Amazon and goodreads. Sell your writing through your website. Promote your site and start improving your seo. Writing a book is not an easy thing.

Write a synopsis of your novel
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How to write a research paper summary. I ve been writing fiction for a long time.

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  1. Write an Accurate fiction Blurb. Pretend that this is your book and you need to write a blurb. Then, on each page, you can add a basic synopsis and cover image, and include all the support materials about the book on this one page. Upon finishing their novel, they tell somebody the synopsis of it, and turns out they basically just rewrote Iron Eagle.

  2. Now you need to write a synopsis. Beth Catos debut steampunk novel, the clockwork dagger will be released by harperCollins voyager in September 2014. Crackling with sexual tension, whip-smart dialogue, and the startling plot twists reichs delivers so well, bones Are forever is the fifteenth thrilling novel in reichss cleverly plotted and. Grave secrets: a, novel. As fresh and shocking as todays headlines, a bone-chilling new Tempe Brennan novel of international black marketeering in fetal tissue, decades old mass murder, and contemporary homicide from New York times bestselling author and world-class forensic anthropologist Kathy reichs, who. Synopsis and the Blurb Promotion.

  3. Start your free trial. Fatal voyage: a, novel. New York times, #1 international bestselling author, and world-class forensic anthropologist Kathy reichs, hailed by the critics as the new Patricia cornwell, takes Temperance Brennan behind the scenes of a major commercial airliner crash in this magnificent follow-up. She published her first book, sartre: Romantic Rationalist, in 1953 and her first novel, under the net, the next year. Im proud of that novel for many different reasons, but that doesnt mean that I fully accept the fact that Ill never write a novel that becomes even more well-known.

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