Debate on abortion essay

debate on abortion essay

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Another argument against abortion can be found in the Old Testament legal code, specifically Exodus 21:22-25. If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the womans husband demands and the court allows. But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. The verses appear to teach that if a woman gives birth prematurely, but the baby is not injured, then only a fine is appropriate. However, if the child dies then the law of retaliation (lex talionis) should be applied. In other words, killing an unborn baby would carry the same penalty as killing a born baby. A baby inside the womb has the same legal status as a baby outside the womb. Some commentators have come to a different conclusion because they believe the first verses only refer to a case of accidental miscarriage.

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David thesis concludes that from his time of conception, he had a sin nature. This would imply that he carried the image great of God from the moment of conception, including the marred image scarred from sin. Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. Bearing the image of God is the essence of humanness. And though Gods image in man was marred at the fall, it was not erased (cf. Thus, the unborn baby is made in the image of God and therefore fully human in Gods sight. This verse also provides support for what is called the traducian view of the origin of the soul. According to this perspective, human beings were potentially in Adam (Rom. 7:9-10) and thus participated in his original sin. The soulish part of humans is transferred through conception. Therefore, an unborn baby is morally accountable and thus fully human.

The term translated unformed substance is a noun derivative of a verb meaning to roll. When david was just forming as a fetus, gods care and compassion already extended to him. The reference to gods eyes is an Old Testament term used to connotate divine oversight of God in the life of an individual or group of people. Next, we will consider additional Old Testament passages that provide a biblical argument against abortion. Additional Old Testament Arguments Against, abortion. Now that weve looked at Psalm 139, the most popular dates argument against abortion, lets look at two other Old Testament passages. Another significant passage is Psalm. It was written by david after his sin of adultery with Bathsheba and records his repentance. David confesses that his sinful act demonstrated the original sin that was within him, surely i have been a sinner from birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me (Ps.

debate on abortion essay

Essay on abortion pro choice

The description here is not of a piece of protoplasm that becomes david: this is david already being cared for by god while in the womb. In verse 13, we see that God is the master Craftsman fashioning david into a living person. In verses list 14 and 15, david reflects on the fact that he is a product of Gods creative work within his mothers womb, and he praises God for how wonderfully god has woven him together. David draws a parallel between his development in the womb and Adams creation from the earth. Using figurative language in verse 15, he refers to his life before birth when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth. This poetic allusion harkens back to genesis 2:7 which says that Adam was made from the dust of the earth. David also notes that Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance. This shows that God knew david even before he was known to others.

God is in the remotest part of the sea and even in the darkness. Finally david contemplates the origin of his life and confesses that God was there forming him in the womb: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, i know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be (vv. Here david speaks of Gods relationship with him while he was growing and developing before birth. Notice that the bible doesnt speak of fetal life as mere biochemistry.

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debate on abortion essay

Essay on abortion should be legal

That being said, we must begin by acknowledging that the resume bible doesnt say anything about abortion directly. Why the silence of the bible on abortion? The answer is simple. Abortion was so unthinkable to an Israelite woman that there was no need to even mention it in the criminal code. Why was abortion an unthinkable act? First, children were viewed as a gift or heritage from the lord. Second, labourer the Scriptures stateand the jews concurredthat God opens and closes the womb and is sovereign over conception.

Third, childlessness was seen as a curse. One of the key verses to understand in developing a biblical view of the sanctity of human life is Psalm 139. This psalm is the inspired record of davids praise for Gods sovereignty in his life. He begins by acknowledging that God is omniscient and knows what david is doing at any given point in time. He goes on to acknowledge that God is aware of davids thoughts before he expresses them. David adds that wherever he might go, he cannot escape from God, whether he travels to heaven or ventures into Sheol.

Agostino gemelli, founder of the catholic University of Milan) was a product of Catholic anti-liberalism. A rejection of the theology of Vatican ii and of the magisterium on political issues (for example, on democracy, pluralism, human rights) could create a new version of an old poisonous mix when many catholics are eager to go beyond liberal, secular democracy but have. A serious defense of the theological turn to history and a renewed attention to tradition are not just speculative intellectual tasks for American Catholicism. Continuity alone has echoes of Scripture alone, and continuity alone cannot help us make sense of the current official teaching of the catholic Church on Judaism, slavery, religious liberty, democracy, human rights, and other issues. There is also a political aspect: over the last fifty years we have seen how rejection of Vatican ii has always been part of the resurgence of fascist political cultures among right-wing Catholics in Europe and in Latin America.

Of course, not all critiques of Vatican ii breed fascism, but it seems that Catholics who hold authoritarian political and social positions tend to dismiss Vatican ii precisely because of its discontinuities with the recent past. Thus Catholics have a civic responsibility to be part of the debate. The obsession with continuity in understanding Catholic intellectual tradition should be of concern to all. Kerby Anderson helps us understand that concerns about abortion are more than just a fundamentalist backlash. He reviews arguments from a christian, biblical perspective and then introduces arguments from medical, legal and philosophical points of views as well. He concludes, The bible and logic are on the side of the Christian who wants to stand for the sanctity of human life. Biblical Arguments Against, abortion, in this essay we will be discussing arguments against abortion. The first set of arguments we will consider are biblical arguments.

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So now, doctrinally, a defense of the historicity of theology and the magisterium has to be mounted against the post-modern/anti-modern Catholic dogmatism obsessed with the exclusive catholicity of absolute continuity and the supposed heresy of discontinuity. In this environment of de-traditionalization and pluralization, christianity demands a theology beyond theories of continuity and discontinuity. Theologies of continuity alone cannot explain the relation between Christian faith and contemporary society. And theologies of discontinuity fail because they risk overlooking the intrinsic link between faith and history. There are also consequences for the political culture and posture of Catholics. This is book particularly relevant today given that. Catholic anti-liberalism is back. Now, catholic anti-liberalism and Catholic fascism are not the same thing. But historically, catholic fascism (see.

debate on abortion essay

Both of short those vatican ii documents are examples of the discontinuity in Catholic teaching as understood by benedict xvi in his continuity and reform speech of 2005; he was not espousing the absolutist understanding of continuity with previous tradition that is creating the problems. One of those is the impact on our theological discourse. The rejection of discontinuity in the recent tradition and magisterium would silently and incrementally delegitimize the understanding of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue that has developed over the last fifty years. It would act as an injunction against discussion of the role of women in the church, lgbt issues, care for creation, and social-economic issues. Blanket rejection of discontinuity also betrays an ignorance of the intellectual roots of our historic understanding of Catholic theology and the magisterium. The turn of theology to history is not a product of excommunicated modernists, of Vatican ii, or of post-Vatican ii liberal theology. It actually started in the early 19th century with the tübingen school, as a traditional Catholic theological response to the sola scriptura of Protestant theology and the rationalistic dogmatism of Enlightenment thinkers (broadly speaking, cardinal Walter Kasper is part of this lineage today). And it will be part of Catholic theology going forward, only with a different kind of urgency—doctrinally and politically—given the current state of affairs and their echoes in the political and religious debates in the United States.

the. Largely consigned Catholic tradition to a past that is forever past. This opened the way for conservative-traditionalist theologians to, if you will, kidnap the tradition, re-baptizing it in an anti-historical, anti-liberal fashion, with the language growing ever more extremist as time has passed. Where are we now? The delegitimization of the event of Vatican ii has been followed by delegitimization of the documents of Vatican. The cessario article illustrates the theological cul-de-sac into which these traditionalists have put themselves. Its hard to be for the religious liberty. Dignitatis humanae while also believing that pius ix was right in the mortara case; its hard to accept church teaching on Judaism from. Nostra aetate on up to pope Francis while also believing that pius ix was right.

Reactions to the article tend to focus either on 1) the relationship between the power of the church and power of the state in the context of the. American debate on religious liberty, abortion, and gender issues; or 2) the crisis of liberalism. Both completely bypass the historical-theological component. Cessarios article and the response are not an isolated case. A 2012, first Things article claimed that Vatican IIs, dignitatis humanae declaration on religious liberty does not oppose religious coercion in general, but only coercion by the state—that is, the church retains the right to coerce. The author entirely ignored the theological consensus writing of Vatican interpreters on the issue, including Popes paul vi, john paul ii, and Benedict xvi. What was beginning to emerge in traditionalist circles was a consensus for building a narrative about the failure of the theological liberalism (and thus political liberalism) ushered in at Vatican. Now, these debates may largely be taking place among the intellectual readership of certain publications. But they nevertheless reflect a crisis within American Catholicism.

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All the night ebullience in Germany (Tübingen in particular) soon found expression in Benedicts December 22 address to the curia, in which the pope articulated his vision for a correct interpretation of Vatican II: the hermeneutic of continuity and reform versus the hermeneutic of rupture and. It remains, in my opinion, the most consequential of papal speeches on the interpretation of Vatican. Granted, it featured some typically idiosyncratic, post-1968 anxieties of Joseph Ratzinger; church historians find some passages difficult to agree with (for example, where he downplayed the discontinuity in the teaching on religious liberty). But he nevertheless tried to strike a middle way between anti-vatican ii neo-traditionalism and post-modern anti-traditionalism. It is precisely in this combination of continuity and discontinuity at different levels that the very nature of true reform consists, he said. The problem is that the middle way hasnt caught on, something thats become especially evident since the election of Pope Francis in 2013. In American Catholicism especially, theres a sizable split between continuity and discontinuity: Catholic orthodox conservatives are for absolute continuity, while catholic liberal progressives are for discontinuity. First Things article is an example of the extremism on the side of continuity: it ignores completely the development of Catholic teaching on Jews and Judaism, on religious liberty, and on the freedom of conscience approved by vatican ii, confirmed and repeated by all the. It assumes that the catholic magisterial tradition that followed and changed nineteenth-century catholicism is not authentic Catholic teaching.

Debate on abortion essay
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  1. Why the silence of the bible on abortion? Create, study, print, share and download millions of flashcards. M makes studying easier! What an essay on the mortara kidnapping confirms. If the parallels in the crises of American political tradition and Catholic tradition werent already apparent by now, the debate sparked by a recent First Things article on the infamous Mortara case (and.

  2. How to Start a college, essay. Starting a college-level essay can be a bit tricky, especially if you don t feel inspired or organized enough to articulate your thoughts. In this essay we will be discussing arguments against abortion. The first set of arguments we will consider are biblical arguments. That being said, we must begin by acknowledging that the bible doesnt say anything about abortion directly.

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