Platoon sergeant resume

platoon sergeant resume

Platoon, sergeant, resume, example (United States Army fort Riley kansas)

Rather, she claims its participants are "troubled youths in need of nurturing and care." 'i've often heard young people speak about performing auto-mutilation to escape their difficult and confusing lives. But never before has such unambiguous masochism been filmed and shown to millions. This will definitely raise self-mutilation awareness. These kids are obviously numbing the pain of their dreary, banal lives with even stronger physical pain.' 'either that, or they're a bunch of fucking idiots.' posted by cronopio at 01:23 am, march 04, 2003 Iconography 101 Icons were, supposedly, once intended to help users. However, most computer operation only marginally lend themselves for visualization, resulting in cryptic icons such as these. Icon meaning This is probably gonna take a while. Read a book or something. You're still using floppies?

Platoon, sergeant, resume, example - elgin, south Carolina

The private eye will always somehow anger the homework police detective, generally by being on the scene of a murder first. If said private eye is injured in some way, he will be asked how he got the injury and reply, 'i cut myself shaving'. If a team of heroes, confronted with some problem, is stuck, one team member will cry out, 'there's just no way to do this!' The oldest and/or wisest person will then volunteer that 'there is one thing but it's very dangerous.' The team will execute. Earlier clichés Posted by cronopio at 12:44 pm, march 16, 2003 Was Hitler a nazi? In his controversial new book "The secret Life of Adolf Hitler harvard professor of History cecil Arkin claims that Hitler, the the man who was Germany's leader from 1933 to 1945, was a nazi. "I think there's substantial evidence to support my claim says Arkin. "i've been looking at a great deal of documentary material, and it is my firm belief that he was certainly a nazi sympathizer." Arkin's bold claim has generated mixed responses in the academic community. "If this is true, it puts Mr Hitler's military campaign in a whole new light says Professor david Muffel of the ucla. Mr Hitler Posted by cronopio at 11:24 pm, march 14, 2003 Fifty former googlewhacks coelacanth novelisation warmonger nauseates mastodon synecdoche eggnog prescience aphrodisiacal oxtail sociopathic allosaurus visigothic crocheting zoroastrian firefighting happier archeopteryxes messianic peignoir troglodytical cuisine hagiographical golem fratricidal bumblebee ejaculating poppycock filibustering yaks splendiferous. But not for fun.

That's great to hear." "Thanks. We're very happy." "But wait, why did you say, 'to cut a long story short'? What was the long story?" "I didn't tell you." "That's right, you didn't. Why not?" "I just told you. To cut a long story short, that's why." "But don't people usually say that after a long story?" "Do they? Why cut a long story short after you've told it?" "Hm. I guess you're right." Posted by cronopio at 02:00 am, march remote 17, 2003 movie clichés Strike back.

platoon sergeant resume

Platoon, sergeant, resume, example (U.S

Posted by cronopio at 12:57 am, march 23, 2003 "His q and his N look very alike" In a surprise announcement, President george. Bush has just declared that he will be attacking not Iraq, but its mortal foe and neighbor, Iran. He blames list the confusion based on "Dick Cheney's sloppy handwriting." Bush has been suspected of dyslexia in the past. "Of course i meant Iran!" he patiently explained. "After all, Iran is a fundamentalist country, iraq isn't! Iran is much more likely to sponsor terrorism. What did you think i was, stupid or something?" he went on to explain that he was "sorry about the mix-up" but "still expects the ayatollah to disarm within 48 hours." Posted by cronopio at 01:15 am, march 18, 2003 Briefly "hey, bob." "Ed! Haven't seen you in ages, how have you been?" "Well, to cut a long story short, i'm married." "Married?

Bags exhibiting this type of delamination shall be tested by manually flexing the delaminated area 10 times. The delaminated area shall be held between thumb and forefinger of each hand with both thumbs and forefingers touching each other. The delaminated area shall then be rapidly flexed by rotating both hands in alternating clockwise-counterclockwise directions. Care shall be exercised when flexing delaminated area near the tear notches to avoid tearing the bag material. After flexing, the separated outer ply shall be grasped between the thumb and forefinger and gently lifted toward the food product edge of the seal. If the separated area is too small to be held between thumb and forefinger, a number two stylus shall be inserted into the delaminated area and a gentle lifting force applied against the outer ply. If separation of the outer ply can be made to extend to less than 1/16 inch from the prodcut edge of the seal with no discernible resistance to the gentle lifting, the bag shall be rejected." For more such fun, search the document database yourself.

Army reserves) - beaumont, california

platoon sergeant resume

Sergeant, resume samples - visualCV resume samples database

Let me talk instead about the book that I'm reading, the classic novel 'don quixote which is truly brilliant. It's all about this guy who's insane, and who sees dangers all around him that aren't really there (remember the windmills he thinks are giants?). Though thoroughly convinced that his idiotic activities are chivalrous and of dissertation benefit to mankind, he actually hurts innocent essay people with the large assortment of swords, lances and other weapons he carries around. Like i said, this posting is, of course, completely unrelated to the war. Posted by cronopio at 12:05 am, march 28, 2003 Please, entrust these people with your lives!

Recently, i derided the wto for producing a 101-page document about sardines. If you think the. Military is a better-oiled (no pun intended) organization, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of milspec. Milspec writes specification documents for army purchases, from H-bombs to underpants. Let me" from the 23-page (!) specification for oatmeal cookies and chocolate-covered brownies. As far as I can tell it's about how to open the packaging: "Delamination shall be scored as a defect except delamination of outer ply when located in the seal area 1/16 inch or further from food product edge of seal.

Yours sincerely, cronopio, posted by cronopio at 01:32 am, may 17, 2003 I just couldn't resist vu'wI'! JatlhwI' tlhingan Hol qu'ra' juHmaw'vad vitu'pu'. Tlhingan Hol vIjatlhchu' daleghlah. Doch lI'be' qub soswi 'ach doh lI'qu'! JImaw' jalth je soswI'. Vaj ghotpu'vad maw' vum qay'be'chu'.

Herbert Nigsfeld Inspiration more. Posted by cronopio at 06:02 pm, may 15, 2003 If PCs were smart and honest, they'd say: "I'm not smart enough to do this for you. You're on your own." "you're about to delete a document you've been editing for hours. It's illogical that you'd wanna throw away so much work, so i refuse to delete. In fact, i made a backup." "Your iq is higher than that of a trained simian. So while you logged on as a new user, i'm gonna assume you can operate a mouse." "I'll now spell check your document. Please be aware that i usually can't tell if a word is misspelled if the misspelled version is in the dictionary." Posted by cronopio at 02:22 am, april 20, 2003 Windmills of Mass Destruction Well, not all blog entries need to be about the war.

Platoon sergeant - wikipedia

The promise of making a million bucks while apparently sitting on your ass all day fits snugly into this category. It's as believable as when someone were to walk up to you in the street and tell you that Penelope Cruz was about to drop by your house later for a hot date. You continue with a link and the intriguing statement that 'aol members may need to type the above url into your browser.' well, i'm sorry Mr Rydell, but any aol members forcing themselves into my apartment to try and type the above url (or anything. Rydell for any damages. Of course, i didn't press the link (my mom says I shouldn't, because 'you don't know where it's been and was therefore left intrigued as to the nature of the scheme. Are we talking pyramid schemes here? Or does it involve nigerian ex-government officials? I'm afraid I will never business know, and I'm not saddened. In fact, thank you for lending an air of mystery to my inbox.

platoon sergeant resume

Did anyone notice spam essay spelled backward is maps? Dear Mr Rydell, i'm not in the habit of reading spam, but sometimes, i'm actually entertained by them. You did the trick. I'm writing my response on this weblog because your spam says, 'do not reply to this e-mail, we will never receive it!' (you're quite the shouter, aren't you?). Your mail opens with the phrase, "Greetings, my name is Jonathan Rydell, a self-made Internet Millionaire, and i am offering you the opportunity to earn one million dollars without doing any work whatsoever!". Mr Rydell, most people who are intelligent enough to use a web browser will have trouble believing this statement. There is such a thing as painting a too rosy picture of whatever you're selling.

metavariables. In mathematics, for example, the metavariables are the variables x and. As it turns out, nearly every topic has its own metavariables. Here is a sample, can you tell me any you know of? Technical materialsthe thingamajig, dohickey, and watchamacallit. Computer programming variables foo, bar and others, databasesNorthwind, sentencesThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Chunks of text, lorem ipsum etc. PeopleJohn doe, cryptography users, alice, bob and others. Posted by cronopio at 02:06 am, may 22, 2003.

Having been forcibly restrained and forced to watch all 26 entries of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, i now have a theory that explains this horrifying event. Last year, host country Estonia spent an entire year's worth of tv budget on the song contest; it's hugely expensive. No country wants to become next year's host. How do you avoid becoming a host? How do you not win? By submitting the worst possible song. Suddenly, it all makes sense. The esc is a contest to create the worst piece of musical performance possible. If the you're good, you lose.

Platoon, leader, platoon, sergeant, relationship

Stupid Expressions, you're familiar with the phrase, 'failure is not an option.' What the hell does that mean? I business mean, do people working on any kind of project ever have the following kind of conversation? 'i'm glad we're all together, so we can review our options. Jim, why don't you start?' 'well Mary, if we want to get this project finished on time, we could add more manpower. But it will make things more costly.' 'uh huh. And you, suzanne?' 'i can see how we can cut some corners here and there, that's something we could look into.' 'ok, how about you, frank?' 'well, another idea is that we could just fail.' 'fail?' 'yes, you know, not succeed.' 'aha. Well, we'll keep that option open for sure.' 'thanks, mary. posted by cronopio at 11:17 pm, june 18, 2003, this year's unlucky loser: Turkey.

Platoon sergeant resume
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  5. The style of a miltary drill sergeant who sends out the first line of a song as the members of his platoon respond with the next lines. Moreover, command sergeant majors have the task of upholding military customs and traditions, which means that I would have the. Serve as Senior nco in nuclear weapons maintenance platoon. Serve as quality assurance sergeant. any military platoon, police team etc.

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