Monsoon in mumbai essay

monsoon in mumbai essay

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The government of Andhra Pradesh promised input subsidy of 1860 crores in the month of December, 2011. . so far that amount has not been released. . Farmers who suffered loss during 2010-11 rabi seasons have not received compensation. . even the rabi crop size has gone down. The bjp observes with great concern that the Union governments response to the serious problem of drought is very casual and callous. . There is inordinate delay in deputing the central teams to visit the affected areas in different states and then the government does not act timely on the recommendations of the teams. . The rainy season in many parts of the country is about to start and there is no use in sending the teams very late. This shows the indifferent and insensitive attitude of the Union government towards the sufferings of the people.

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876 Mandals in 22 districts have been declared as drought affected. . An area.24 lakh hectares (29.75 lakh belonging to small and marginal farmers and.49 lakh hectares belonging to other farmers) was damaged. . 49,31,701 small and marginal farmers and 3,06,259 other farmers were affected. 30,98,560 MTs of agriculture produce is lost. . Its value is estimated at 5747 crores. . Crop loans are not rescheduled. . Farmers persuasive are demanding 10,000 per acre as input subsidy. . even the old age pensions in the affected areas are not being given properly. An aggregate amount.3,006 crore was sought from the Union government as Central Assistance from the ndrf. . The government of India has approved central assistance.706.15 crores out of which a sum.385.78 crore was released and the remaining amount was adjusted against sdrf account of the State.

For drought relief measures, State government sought, in the first place, central assistance of presentation 2605.99 crores and later submitted a memorandum for 5953 crores. Centre has cleared 186.68 crores and released only.23 crores so far. . It is deplorable that the centre has not even released the balance amount.116.45 crores at the first instance. The drought is so severe that the State alone cannot, without the assistance from the centre, deal with the unprecedented situation. . The State government sought an interim relief.1500 crores which has not been given so far. . The state has also sought allotment of additional food grains of 3,00,000 MTs of rice and 57,000 MTs of wheat for distribution to the bpl card holders. The central team is now going to visit the State when the monsoon is fast approaching. . It demonstrates the callous attitude of the centre. Andhra Pradesh, the entire State of Andhra Pradesh is affected by the drought. .

monsoon in mumbai essay

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Most of the bore wells have dried. . Only 5 out of every 100 bore-wells are functional. In some areas ground water word level availability is 1250 feet deep. . The under ground water has hit all time low and yielding non-potable water. . High levels of fluoride and arsenic material is creating health problems. Drinking water problem is very acute in 4853 villages. . State government is supplying drinking water by tankers to hundreds of affected villages. . Out of 3475 Minor Irrigation tanks, 1242 tanks have dried up completely. State government has spent 562.55 crores so far to mitigate drought. .

Even though a central team has visited the State and assessed the situation, central assistance has not been granted yet. Karnataka 70 of Karnataka. E., 123 out of 176 taluks have been declared drought affected. . There is water scarcity and fodder scarcity. . rain fall for the last quarter is the lowest since 1970. Both, kharif and, rabi crops failed. . Total crop loss is estimated at 5953 crores. . Scanty rainfall, dry spell and moisture stress not only affected Kharif but also rabi crops severely in the interior parts of the State. . Ground water has been depleting day-by-day. .

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monsoon in mumbai essay

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There is substantial reduction in the water levels of irrigation projects as well as ground water levels. . In 23 talukas, the ground water levels have come down by 1-2 mtrs, in 9 talukas between 2-3 mtrs while in 6 talukas the decline of groundwater level is above 3 mtrs. . Drinking water is being supplied through tankers. There is substantial reduction in production of foodgrains, oilseeds, cotton sugarcane. . Cereals are expected to face a decline in production by 5, pulses by 22 and food grains. The essay expected productivity of rabi - jowar too will be reduced by 11 and 26 as compared to normal and last year respectively. .

There is a severe shortage of fodder for livestock. Horticulture in 13 districts is affected by drought where a total area of 109527 lakh ha under fruit crop production of Pomegranate, grapes, mangoes, Oranges, Sweet Lime etc is affected. Due to inadequate rainfall, there is severe reduction in yield. Keeping in view the current drought situation in Maharashtra, the State government has requested the centre to provide a total assistance. 2281.37 crores and 5 lakh MTs of food grains at bpl rates to the State at the earliest.

Going through samples of admission essays available on the internet will help you understand these points in a better way. Here is a link for sample essays:. Meeting of the national executive, mumbai 24th 25th may, 2012, resolution on Drought. The national Executive of the Bharatiya janata party notes with deep concern the serious drought situation in different parts of the country, more particularly in the states of Maharashtara, karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, bundelkhand region. Which are severely hit by drought. .

The national Executive also notes with deep disappointment the indifference of the central government towards the sufferings of the people. Drought has multiplier effects and it affects adversely different sectors of the economy. . It results in food scarcity, fodder scarcity, water scarcity, reduced agricultural production and income, increased prices for food and other items, unemployment in agriculture and allied sectors leading to migration, default on agricultural loans, rural unrest etc. Maharashtra, maharashtra is facing severe drought situation.  Western Maharashtra and parts of Marathwada and Vidharba regions have been severely affected. The State government has declared drought in 15 districts (209 talukas) and 6201 villages for Kharif and 1552 villages of Rabi crops. The affected area under Kharif crops.40 lakh ha with 14, 62,931 farmers being affected whereas the affected area under Rabi Crop production amounts.77 lakh ha with 804057 farmers being affected.

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monsoon in mumbai essay

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Monsoon in mumbai essay
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  4. Resolution on drought passed. Bjp national Executive meeting in, mumbai.

  5. Monsoon season (June through September) is the best time to visit my city because i truly believe that the rains make. Mumbai a prettier, happier place. Before writing an essay, you have to decide on the subject matter. Reveal your Character in, your College, essay. Vadodara experiences a dry and wet tropical climate with three distinctive seasons of summer, winter and monsoon. The central team is now going to visit the State when the monsoon is fast approaching.

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  7. It marks the end of monsoon and beginning of the new fishing season. Description: Mumbai, map showing major roads, national highway, airport, rail routs, cinemas, hotels, etc. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues, adding colour, flavour and texture to the Great. Mumbai, terrorist Attacks a question of governance. Mumbai alone has been subjected to repeated attacks, including major serial bombings in, march 1993 (257 deaths august 2003 (50 deaths) and July 2006 (181 deaths).

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