Army 88m resume

army 88m resume

88, m (Truck Driver resume, example

Ssg hall contributed significantly to the overall success of the battalion's mission while working in the Equipment readiness division (ERD). As a result of his tireless efforts, the battalion maintained an Operational readiness (OR) rate of 92, which enabled the battalion to execute over 400 Convoy logistics Patrols concluding with nearly 22 million miles in Iraq and Kuwait. Ssg hall managed over 80 lines of Class ix repair parts and equipment valued in excess of 500,000 as part of the autoZone program designed as replenishment parts for the convoy support teams (CST) at six locations throughout theater, significantly reducing the non-Mission Capable time. Ssg hall managed many special projects within the battalion. He provided technical assistance and guidance in the design and construction of parts of the motor pool layout. Ssg hall is the ncoic of the battalion level quality Assurance/Quality control Program, which resulted in greatly reducing breakdowns on convoys. 88m heavy vehicle Operator, spc xxxx served as an 88M (heavy vehicle Operator dedicating himself to the personal care and maintenance of his assigned vehicle which was instrumental in supporting the White falcons. His selfless service was evident during the multitudes of non-standard duty hours that he worked, driving 5,000 incident free miles both conus and oconus as well as being responsible for the receipt, storage, issue and turn in of 20 of all class V material used.

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Following two of the three company Training Exercises to the field in which he participated, spc xxxx volunteered time not typically associated with the normal duty day for his fellow Paratroopers and the unit. His selfless service was made plain as he put the needs of his peers and subordinates above his own by offering to take additional duty shifts so that married Paratroopers could spend time with their paper families. His altruistic actions contributed to the morale of both Paratroopers and their families and showed great credit on the unit. Spc xxxx served primarily as a motor Transport Operator in the distribution Platoon during his time with the White falcons and has driven over 5000 incident free miles delivering classes i v as well as transporting White falcon Paratroopers, enabling them to complete vital training. Spc xxxx is task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and timely decisions. Spc xxxx has kept inventory, maintained 100 accountability, and reduced incidental losses. Squad leader, sgt santos demonstrated himself alibis as a professional Noncommissioned Officer while serving as the palletized loading System (PLS) ncoic during ntc rotation 16-02. Sgt santos was in charge of the movement of five plss and Trailers and the transportation of all equipment in support of the 64th cssb. In addition, he was selected over his peers to serve as the ncoic of seven Medium Tactical Vehicles (mtvs) and the movement of 90 pax over a span of five days. Hhd motor Sergeant, ssg hall distinguished himself through exceptionally meritorious service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving multiple roles as the hhd motor Sergeant, Equipment readiness division (ERD) nco, as well as managing the battalion's daily Fleet Slides and Materiel Condition Status Report.

Total Downloads: 0 Total Files: 1 Template Created On: March 1, 2018 Template Updated On: March 1, 2018. Spc xxxx has been an outstanding Paratrooper since his arrival to the unit in jun 2012. As a pfc during the 2012 rotation at jrtc, he was one of the most reliable gunners for all convoys. He showed extraordinary situational awareness and tactical knowledge well above his pay grade, had an exceptional understanding on the operations of all weapon systems assigned to him and eagerly shared this information with his fellow with Paratroopers, further advancing the combat effectiveness of his Platoon during. As a junior leader, spc xxxx has repeatedly exercised initiative in the absence of orders from higher elements. His dedication to duty was prominently displayed routinely as he conducted transportation missions during the 20 joaxs that required extremely early report times paired with minimal recovery time from the day prior. Eager to take on more responsibility, he was always the first to report, the last to leave, and was always ready to complete the mission to the standard typically associated with a well rested Paratrooper.

army 88m resume

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Army, national guard, securitas Security services Inc., bay city,. May 20, responsibilities: Performed periodic inspections of security devices. Maintained weapons in good conditions. Provided security trainings to army soldiers. Identified any risks and provided recommendations. Prepared explosives for salvage operations. Assisted in underwater constructions of harbor facilities. Education, associate degree in Homeland proposal Security, pasco-hernando community college, dade city,.

August 2007 Present, responsibilities: Provided national security operations for assigned army terrain. Provided safety instructions to military unit. Reviewed and recommended improvements for safety policies. Implemented security control programs. Performed basic maintenances of security equipment. Participated in development of annual budgets. Identified any safety hazards and reported to management. Addressed security issues promptly.

Army 88, m Motor Transport Operator

army 88m resume

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Demonstrated excellent customer service skills with both clients and guests. Personal knowledge of in house procedures as well as safe food handling and sanitation. Experienced and learned procedures of front desk, laundry, and prep cook duties as well. Fred Smith 636 mount Street, bay city, mi 48706 (123) email, job Objective, looking forward to work. Army, national guard where i can dispose my duties with immense responsibility.

Highlights of qualifications: Hands-on experience in providing national security mishra services. Profound knowledge of protective systems, familiarity with operation of security equipment. Amazing ability to handle stressful situations effectively. Immense ability to lift and carry heavy equipment. Remarkable ability to multi-task to meet deadlines. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Professional Experience: Army, national guard, adt security services, bay city,.

File reports for issues concerns and events that occur during my shifts Assist maintenance crew during any work on my vehicle. Use of hand signals for any sort of road guiding that may be required. Maintain military hazmat qualification. (non-transferable to civilian sectors). Army july 2010 - november 2010 Fort leonard wood,. Trainee pvt1 Successfully utilized leadership abilities as platoon guide.

Served as a responsible member of the. Army while training in special skills and maintaining equipment and facilities daily. Succeeded in graduating from. Pass and accident avoidance course parkhurst Dining services July 20 500 1st avenue pittsburgh, pa utility responsible for unloading daily shipments of necessary supplies and merchandise. Properly maintained building equipment to abide by health department standards. Responsible for up keeping kitchen daily. Holiday inn april 2002 -december Holiday drive pittsburgh, pa am/pm catering and Banquet Set Up Responsible for daily event set.

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Pass dot physical use standard police 10-codes Value city furniture sept 20 1400 Park manor blvd Pittsburgh, pa 15205 Delivery driver/ Helper Responsible for delivery and/or set-up and service of furniture maintain quality of vehicle. Maintain appearance and attitude of professionalism. Use of route sheet and. Follow reviews time schedule maintain physical standards maintain driving qualification keep in contact with warehouse and management throughout the day use of hand signals for backing loading and unloading trailers and box trucks in and organized and efficient manner. Maintain warehouse cleanliness Pass dot physical 630th Transportation company usar may 2010 - present 10 Scenic dr Washington, pa 15301 88M motor operator/fuel carrier. Of vehicles on each drill day. Maintain driver qualifications maintain physical standards and pass. Once a year maintain weapons qualifications yearly regular accident avoidance course deliver fuel or supplies to military installations maintain professional attitude and appearance maintain quality of vehicle, weapons and other equipment Follow orders from ncos and officers in a timely manner when given.

army 88m resume

Perform daily preventative maintenance checks and services on vehicle. Maintain professional appearance and attitude. Maintain driver and weapons qualifications and physical standards. Follow route sheets and. Keep accurate records of time and issues/concerns during route. Keep in contact with partner and home office. Protect with force the home station and or valuables in my care. Use of hand signals for backing Pass the smith driving safety course.

5 ton,. Ground guide training with hand signaling techniques. Safety inspection and proper loading and unloading procedures. Aug 2012 - present 500 Vista park dr, pittsburgh, pa 15205. Armored car driver, responsible for loading, delivering, and unloading cash and other valuables from customers to secured home station. Maintain quality of vehicle and equipment.

I will be glad to answer and questions regarding my resume, work history, military salon experience, and personal history at your leisure. And hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, spc Michael Metzger, michael Metzger 1363 Arkansas avenue. Pittsburgh, pa, objective, seeking a position that will integrate my strong interpersonal and organizational skills and training. And to utilize in as many ways the training of my military Occupational Specialty. Summary, good communicator, helpful, and a dependable individual. Self motivated and able to learn new skills quickly and effectively.

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Michael metzger., * 15216, cell phone:, e-mail: dec 13, 2013, i am submitting my attached resume margaret for consideration for the class b driver position. All of my previous employments have involved direct contact with customers, clients, and the pubic at large. And demanded a professional appearance and attitude, giving me plenty of experience dealing positively with all sorts of situations and personalities. I believe in loyalty and respect for my employer and the people i serve, and retain a strong work ethic. I have been enlisted in the army reserve since may 13, 2010, and graduated from basic combat training and advanced individual training at Fort leonard wood. As the main duty of a soldier is guard duty and the security of equipment and facilities, i have gained a strong discipline towards attention to detail, teamwork, and diligence to my areas of operation. I am an experienced driver and i am qualified in both military and civilian sectors in the handling of multiple types of vehicles.

Army 88m resume
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Summarize any text online in just a few seconds. Army values encouraged his peers to improve the quality of professionalism and integrity within the unit.

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  4. His emphasis on the seven. Army values encouraged his peers to improve the quality of professionalism and integrity within the unit.

  5. Visit our site for more information. Army, credentialing Opportunities Online (cool) - mos 88M, motor Transport Operator. Fred Smith 636 mount Street bay city, mi 48706 (123) Job Objective looking forward to work. Army, national guard where. Mos 88M, motor Transport Operator.

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  7. 88m -heavy duty Transportation Operator, resume, sample. military commercial permit drivers licensed. Fill out this form to request for your resume. Templates Download, army 88m, sample, resume, free. Resumes, tips, you can see, army 88m, sample, resume, free. Resumes, tips and resume 3308.

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